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Although buses are usually believed to have started in Bermuda in 1946 there was a bus the ‘Scarlett Runner’ which ran in 1907/8 between Hamilton and St George.

With the advent of the Road Traffic Act 1945 buses started to run to supplement the railway service. The first buses were second hand purchased from New York. After those vehicles all vehicles have been purchased new, originally from the UK then in the 1970’s vehicles started to be purchased from Europe and the latest vehicles are purchased from Holland the chassis by MAN and the bodies by Berkoff and Goppell.

Picture of a 1947 Morris bus in St Georges it believed to early in its service
Photo by courtesy of Mrs D Barker

Photograph of Seddon bus 17 taken in 1960's outside the Castle Harbour Hotel about o commence a sightseeing tour. Photo reproduced with the kind permission of  Scott Stallard

Fleet no 40 registered T1534 photo taken in 1969 at Fort St Catherine the vehicle is Seddon Mark 3 with Pennine body this was one of the early pink vehicles with the green stripe. Photograph taken by and reproduced with the permission of David Semendinger (the lady in the photograph is his wife Della Mae)

This is 7914 in the old bus station in 1994

8201 late in its life at the bus depot 1998